Summer Flowers on Table Mountain

Summer has arrived in Cape Town and this week has brought some much higher temperatures. Great for the beach but when hiking Table Mountain remember to start early in the morning, and that means 6.00a.m.

This time of year also brings out some of the many floral colors found on Table Mountain. Most prominent flowers in November as the beautiful tall Watsonias. The salmon pink Table Mountain Watsonias as well as the more prevalent Pyramid Watsonias are seen on the lower slopes and the New Year will see them flowering on the top. Look out also for the Aristeas, tall blue flowers, less common than the Watsonias but equally impressive. Yellow Aspalathus and Athanasia may also be seen on the slopes, with the latter mostly found in the vicinity of the upper cableway station. Rose scented Pelargoniums are also in profusion, bright pink in color, they cannot be mistaken with their distinctive scent. Less common are the wonderful yellow Mountain Dahlias, their nodding heads mostly found on the lower west facing slopes. And finally the more delicate Ixia , red when closed but yellow when open, it also makes its first appearance in November.

When hiking Table Mountain admire the beautiful panoramic views but also look a little closer at what’s around you, to smell and admire in all its splendor – the flora of Table Mountain., one of the floral kingdoms on this planet.

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