Water on Table Mountain

There has been an unprecedented amount of rainfall this winter, and as a result the streams on Table Mountain are flowing strongly and will continue to flow for many more months. However we do advise our clients not to drink this water as we cannot assure you that it is 100% safe to do so. However if you happen to find yourself without water and in danger of dehydration then advice would apply.

We have in the past always supplied our clients with bottled water, but in keeping with our policy of reducing the amount of single use plastic, we now ask you to please make sure you provide your own water. The amount will depend on the length of hike on Table Mountain you are undertaking and also the temperature on the day. A minimum of 1 liter is recommended and up to 2-3 liters for a longer hike on a hot day. Please bear this in mind before you join us and I am sure you agree with our policy.

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