April and May are great months to hike Table Mountain

Summer appears to be over as we experience cooler weather in Cape Town. Unusually we have also had quite a lot of rain which has been refreshing and good news for a city that has experienced water shortages in the past.

Now the hotter days have come to an end as autumn has arrived, this makes for easier and more pleasant hiking on Table Mountain. Most days you can start a little later, not carry quite as much water and enjoy the hike and the scenery without as much blood, sweat and tears! The additional bonus is less wind to contend with as the south easter normally takes a break at this time of year and there is less chance of the cableway closing.

So dont think that the summer is necessarily the best season to visit Cape Town and hike Table Mountain. Autumn, winter and spring have their own advantages, and are quieter times to be here.

We are hoping for a good winter season with travel now more accessible and next summer season with all being well we will be back to our normal number of visitors. So please visit Cape Town and your walk up Table Mountain will be one of the highlights.

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