Heatwave in Cape Town

This weekend has seen extremely high temperatures in the Western Cape. Temperatures have been recorded over 35C and in places inland even higher. It is not recommended to hike on these days and even starting at sunrise is not safe.

This illustrates how important it is to be aware of the weather conditions on Table Mountain and that it is imperative that one does not attempt to hike up in these heatwave conditions.

Just as rain, wind and stormy weather in winter may mean your guided walk up Table Mountain has to be cancelled, the same applies to extreme heat. It is equally important to be prepared on any day with plenty of water, sun cream and hat.

It is essential not to underestimate the walk up Table Mountain and to choose a day when conditions are suitable. As a guide of over 20 years experience I will assist you in this regard, making sure you have the very best hiking adventure.

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