Get ready for the rainy season

The rainy season has started and the streams that were dry on Table Mountain are now running. The frogs are happy and its a treat to hear them chirping as we hike along the trails. Mostly the frogs heard on Table Mountain are Cape River frogs but the elusive and seldom seen Ghost frog is also there – if you can find him!

During the winter months the weather becomes somewhat of an issue but get the day right and your winter hike up Table Mountain has the advantage of cooler conditions, less wind and plenty of sunshine. You are well advised that no matter the forecast to be prepared with a good rain jacket, gloves and a warm hat. Forecasts are not always reliable so regardless of predictions have the right equipment with you and it can make all the difference to your enjoyment and comfort.

Please join us for winter hiking, be adventurous and you will reap the reward of a job well done!


  1. That is a big part of the beauty of Table Mountain. Always has something to offer, every season.

    • Hiking Table Mountain in the winter can be most rewarding with the streams running strongly and waterfalls cascading down the rocks. So get ready to hike after the rain – Table Mountain awaits you!

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