Snow on the Mountains

It often seems to be the case that our coldest winter days come at the end of August and beginning of September. This year is no exception. Currently the peaks of the Hottentots Holland range, just outside of Cape Town, are snow capped. This makes for a beautiful landscape in the Wine lands area. Table Mountain although considerably lower than these peaks may also get a smattering of snow but usually its stay is short lived and it soon disappears.

Be assured that hiking Table Mountain in winter may require some preparation. Be equipped with warm clothing and layers, waterproof outer layer, gloves and hat. A warm flask of tea or coffee and some food are also essential items particularly if you are going for a longer hike up Table Mountain.

Some hikers have been caught out and on arrival at the cable way station find it is closed. You must be prepared and able to hike down. This is also not to be under estimated as it is steep and stepped and takes around 2 hours.

Please know your route, be fit enough and have the right equipment especially when hiking Table Mountain in winter. The temperature at the top can be less than 0 so you don’t want to spend t.he night.

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