A good time to hike Table Mountain

This time of year, before the beginning of the hot summer months, is one of the best times to hike Table Mountain. November is a month of great variation in the temperature so best check in advance and if possible choose a day that is forecast to be cooler. So far temperatures have been down compared to previous years, making that very early start not always necessary. However always be prepared with plenty of water, sun cream and hat plus your warmer layers.

November is also quite a windy month and the south east wind is a cold wind especially on top of Table Mountain. If you find yourself in the midst of it, hot changes to cold and the visibility becomes restricted and its easy to become disorientated. Being unfamiliar with the route may mean you find it hard to navigate and you may get lost. Hence a guide can come in useful! Its the unpredictability of the weather on top of Table Mountain that often catches out hikers. You may find yourself in very different conditions from where you started and even a map may not assist if you find yourself off the path.

So we look forward to guiding you up Table Mountain and if you like we can advise on a suitable route depending on your fitness and experience. One thing we are sure of, Table Mountain seldom disappoints!

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