Lots of water flows off Table Mountain

The last few weeks have seen large amounts of rain fall in the Cape Town area and on Table Mountain. The result is fast flowing streams and waterfalls in evidence not just on Table Mountain but all over the mountains of the Cape Peninsula. Hiking Table Mountain at this time can be more challenging depending on the route you choose and Skeleton Gorge in particular can be impassable or you might find yourself getting very wet.

Interesting to note the reason why the Dutch choose to settle at the foot of Table Mountain was the availability of fresh water. The remains of a small reservoir they built in the 1600s can be seen inside what is now the Golden Acre shopping centre on Adderley Street. Only much later was the larger Molteno reservoir built and this can be clearly seen from the top of Table Mountain.

When you hike Table Mountain in winter be aware some routes can be affected by water and may mean they are impassable or difficult to ascend. Rather choose a guided Table Mountain hike and know you have an expert to steer you in the right direction and on the right route.

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