Why we hike early up Table Mountain – even in Winter

Winter is upon us and temperatures have dropped, especially at night and early mornings. Why then do we give you a pickup time no later than 7.30a.m? Even in winter our daytime temperatures can rise dramatically and reach 28C or on occasion even higher. This is unusual but as it’s not always possible to predict we rather play it safe and make sure that you are not exposed to uncomfortable conditions and heat.

The dangers of heat exhaustion and sunstroke have been in the public domain in recent times and must not be underestimated. Carrying plenty of water may help but there is no other safe solution than to avoid the heat altogether. Winter is a great time of year to hike Table Mountain. Streams are flowing and waterfalls appear where water is not normally seen. The wind is not normally an issue and trails are quieter. So if you are planning to visit Cape Town in winter please bear in mind this is a most rewarding time to hike Table Mountain.

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