Get up early for Table Mountain

Summer is in full swing and there have been many visitors in Cape Town. Table Mountain is busy and its great to see that tourists have returned to this desirable destination. Even though the Christmas season is coming to an end, we will continue to see large numbers of people wanting to ascend to the top of Table Mountain, most by cable car and some on foot.

As we experience a lot of sun and high temperatures in summer, if you wish to hike up Table Mountain it is imperative to start early and early means 6.00a.m.! Even if you wish to catch the cable car to the top because this is such a popular attraction, to avoid the queue its best to arrive before the first car ascends and with your ticket purchased in advance.

How lovely to arrive at the top of Table Mountain on the first car up or better still hike up and be the first to arrive. Have it all to yourself (or almost) and what a much more enjoyable and memorable experience you will have. So follow our advice and be the early bird – its well worth the effort!

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