Hiking Table Mountain in summer

Hiking Table Mountain in the summer has its pros and cons. On the plus side its unlikely to rain and most days but not all the top is clear. However summer is the season of the southeaster which is a strong and surprisingly cold wind. It is also the wind that provides Table Mountain with its Table Cloth and that can mean no visibility from the top.

This wind is also know as the Cape Doctor as it disperses any air pollutants and keeps the air around the city and suburbs clean. Capetonians don’t need air conditioners – they just open the door!

Summer of course can mean high temperatures so it is essential to start your hike up Table Mountain early and early means 6.00a.m. Make sure you have plenty of water, at least two litres; and some food/snacks.

There is quite a lot of colour on Table Mountain, particularly during the early summer months with Crassulas, Watsonias and Selagos in flower amongst others. Doted throughout the fynbos there is always a plant or two to distract you and cause you to stop for a welcome break to take a photo – and catch your breath!

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