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Why choose a guided walk?

5th December 2015 – 7:47 pm

Many people (mainly locals however) hike Table Mountain without a guide. Usually they are familar with the route or at least one person in the group is.  So it is advisable to know the terrain and also be aware of how changeable and variable the weather can be.
Guided means you dont have to worry about navigation and your guide can also advise you on what each route entails and what might suit you best.  You will also have the opportunity to learn  about the fauna and flora and the many points of interest.
Even if you hike elsewhere unguided it is mostly recommended that Table Mountain with its sheer rock face is best treated with caution and respect  It has vertical cliffs and edges in places and paths that are not always clearly marked. It has had over the years been the site of many rescues and searches – not something you want to be part of.
So we like many others advise anyone unfamilar  with the mountain to think twice about going it alone. We feel confident that you will be pleased you chose to book with us and will have a most enjoyable and safe experience.

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