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What to take with you when hiking in Cape Town

6th October 2011 – 10:20 am

Experienced hikers will already know the answer to this one but those who have not hiked before may be uncertain.  Of course much is to do with clothing and this depends on the time of year of your visit.  However conditions on Table Mountain vary so much at any time that you have to go prepared and also it helps to know the weather forecast for that day.
Jeans are out as they are usually to tight fitting and certainly not good in hot condtions.  I have even know people to take them off! If it happens to rain jeans are not quick drying and uncomfortable.  Loose fitting clothing and layers are the best policy.  You dont need to buy expensive gear but you do need a sturdy pair of walking shoes (boots are not essential) and decent thicker socks.   Shorts or long pants – cant tell you for sure – it depends on the forecast. For the most part shorts are good in summer and long pants for winter.
Take a hat, sunglasses and suncream (pretty obvious) especially in the summer months and a light jacket even in the hotter might be needed.  I provide water, snacks and lunch on the full day and I also have backpacks that you can borrow if you dont have one.
Please ask if you have any questions but hopefully this helps and remember your camera – your most important item!

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