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What to take – winter and summer

16th May 2016 – 4:20 pm

For those who are not experienced hikers and those not knowing what conditions to expect on Table Mountain you may need some advice on how to dress and what to take with you.
In summer conditions can be very variable  – some days you’ll need no more than a T shirt and other days you’ll need a warmer layer and a jacket. The wind and cloud dictate the temperature and very occasionally there may be some rain. The forecast the day before will help guide you but always have a warm layer with you just in case. Shorts are the best, no jeans and comfortable loose fitting clothing and of course good walking shoes or boots. You dont need hiking boots on Table Mountain, trainers are fine so long as they are fairly sturdy.  We provide 1 litre of water and some snacks but by all means take along any extra you may want. Have a small backpack for carrying these items.
In winter you need a good rain or shower proof jacket and a fleece. On some days a warm hat and gloves are good to have along. Again as in summer conditions vary greatly and some days a T Shirt will suffice. However this is exceptional and rather be prepared just in case. Conditions can also change quickly so a warm sunny day can become a cold cloudy one.  Normally longer hiking trousers are preferable or thick leggings – just rather not tight jeans.
Dont forget your camera, any medications you might need and an adventurous spirit!

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