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What to take on a Table Mountain Hike

1st October 2007 – 8:17 pm

Many people are unaware how quickly the conditions can change on Table Mountain.  Be prepared by noting the following:
Take layers of clothing.  As the temperature varies considerably from the base to the summit don’t assume it will be warm on top of the mountain.  Always take a warm layer such as a fleece and preferably a jacket as well.
Check the weather forecast and don’t hike if high winds or stormy conditions are predicted.   If you don’t have good rain gear cancel your walk if rain is forecast.
Unfamiliar with the mountain?  Rather go with a guide and don’t risk getting lost or having a bad experience.
Take plenty of water.  One and a half litres or two litres for a full day.  If you book with Table Mountain Walks then we provide the water so you don’t have to worry.
Take some food along.  For all our hikes up Table Mountain snacks are provided except for Platteklip Gorge.  We also prepare lunch for a full day walk to make sure you don’t run out of steam!
Wear a hat and put on sunscreen – even in winter the African sun can burn you.
Don’t forget your camera!
Obviously to carry all of this you will need a backpack.  If you don’t have anything suitable don’t worry we have spares and will gladly lend you one for the day.
Wear comfortable clothing.  Shorts are fine in summer but on colder winter days long pants are better.  Don’t wear jeans or tight clothing.  Cotton is not the best material so if you can invest in some of the more hi tech sports clothing that is not expensive and far more suitable.
Hiking boots are not essential but good walking shoes are.  Preferably wear shoes that are sturdy and that have been worn in.
Now you should be ready to go!  A level of fitness is also a good idea so if you have some time before your hike try to go prepared.  Many unfit people do hike Table Mountain but a lot more effort is required!

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