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What not to wear – on Table Mountain!

2nd November 2013 – 8:32 am

It’s really common sense of course but its surprising how many strange outfits and unsuitable footwear one see on the trails on Table Mountain.  However in winter (and sometimes even in summer) denin jeans are not the best hiking appareil.  Firstly they are often too hot and not flexible enough on the steps and for scrambling and if its raining and wet there really not good at all!  A track suit is better or loose fitting pants and in summer shorts are the best.
Always have a hat, sunglasses and suncream and if possible a small backpack (although we can provide).  In winter or on colder days at anytime of the year a warm hat, gloves and a scarf can come in useful .  Might seem like a little crazy but the temperature is so variable its hard to predict much in advance.
In winter lots of layers may be required and a decent jacket and in summer still a couple of layers and a light jacket.  For footwear, sturdy trainers are fine most of the time even in winter.  However if its is wet underfoot and there is some rain or if there has been a lot of rain you will be better off with waterproof boots (gortex is good).  This would only be the case on exceptional days so dont go buying expensive items the chances are you wont need or can actually manage without.
If in doubt ask and I’ll let you know the predicted conditions for the day (no more than a couple of days in advance) but as always Table Mountain is not to be relied upon so best be prepared as best you can and be comfortable on the day.

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