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Well done Tony and Bernard!

7th February 2010 – 10:59 am

Most people find hiking up Table Mountain a challenge but if you happen to be blind then it is hard to imagine just how more difficult it must be.  On 22 January Tony accompanied by his helper hiked not only to the top of Table Mountain but did the longer and more difficult route to navigate  – Skeleton Gorge.  This route has a number of ladders and also a scrambling section which requires a level of agility and coordination.  Quite how he managed with no obvious difficulty I do not know.  Listening to guidance from Wendy and maybe confused by some from me he defied my expectations and completed the hike to the cableway in 4hrs and 45 mins, a very respectable time for anyone!  Tony also windsurfs and sails and travels extensively.  He is surely an inspiration and especially one to those thinking of tackling this route.
On February 4th Bernard aged 75 years at 12.05p.m. (just missing the noon day gun!) arrived at the top of Table Mountain a little weary but delighted having hiked all the way up Platteklip Gorge.   Quite an achievement and by 5 years the oldest person I have ever summitted the mountain with.   Bear in mind this is not a gentle jeep track that slowly winds its way upwards – this is a steep and stepped route with uneven footing and in places requiring the use of hands.  It just shows that if the mind is right then the body can achieve much more than what you might think possible.  I have no doubt the next day Bernard felt the effects of his climb up Table Mountain but it is certainly something that he can dine out on for a long time to come!

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