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We are 21 years old!

21st January 2017 – 10:35 am

This month we celebrate 21 years of operating guided hikes on Table Mountain. Little did I think in 1997 that my initial thoughts of starting this business would grow into my full time profession for 21 years – and still going strong.! I am lucky to have some great guides who also lead hikes on my behalf and I must mention Pietro in particular and in recent times Lynette has done an excellent job and provided invaluable assistance.
I reckon I have led over 2 thousand ascents, a rough guess as I have never been one for keeping count or records. Of course the routes are very familiar to me but I am lucky to see it through other people’s eyes for the first time and their amazement of the beauty and variety of all they experience is a great reward for me.
I thank all who have supported me over the years. I have been lucky enough to hike all over the world – throughout South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Its been great to share these experiences with clients and also to learn from their experiences elsewhere and take their recommendations.
I may not be guiding in twenty one years from now but you never know! I look forward to meeting many more wonderful people and sharing the beauty of Table Mountain with them.

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