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Water, water everywhere – on Table Mountain!

18th November 2013 – 6:43 pm

What a deluge we had over the weekend, not completely unheard of in November but not a sight normally seen at this time of year.  Angie, Tim and I almost managed to get back to Kirstenbosch Gardens on Friday afternoon before thunder and lightning struck and a downpour which continued through Saturday before easing on Sunday afternoon.
Table Mountain transforms after this amount of rain and easy routes can become inpassable and  waterfalls appear from nowhere.  All in all it becomes quite a spectacle and impressive to those who normally think of Table Mountain as dry and parched – not at all!  Even in the height on summer the fynbos (indigenous vegetation)  is always green as it has adapted to our long dry summers.
Back to the rain – the path of a large dislodged boulder can be seen on the Kasteelspoort route.  In fact it happened before the rain last weekend but water can cause this type of occurrance  Must be scary to see it thundering down the mountain side but spectacular also
Table Mountain is now refreshed after the rain and the streams are running strongly and the dams are full.  Dont hestitate now is a good time to hike and you’ll see it a little differently!

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