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Walking in the rain?

28th August 2008 – 4:16 pm

As one might expect the weather in Cape Town in winter is somewhat unpredicatable.  One can experience the best of the Cape winter – clear blue skies, windless and a temperature of 21C.  On the other hand it can be 12C, pouring with rain and gale force winds.   Obviously if the latter prevails on the day walking up Table Mountain is out of the question.  There is also somewhere in between when – if you have the right gear  – you can walk but visibility and therefore the views may be restricted.
I will of course advise you whether you should or shouldn’t walk but it does depend to a large extent of what clothing you have with you.   Today 28th August two Japanese visitors had to have their walk canceled due to extreme weather.  If they had had some flexibility they could have rescheduled  – yesterday was the perfect day to walk but unfortunately this was not possible.  Especially during winter try to have an alternative date if you can and that way you stand a much better chance of getting it right.
If you do need to purchase gear there are two good hiking/outdoor stores at the Waterfront, Cape Storm and Cape Union Mart.  If you arrive unprepared then pay them a visit and you will be able to find what you need.

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