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13th December 2009 – 5:07 pm

Having only been posted a couple of months ago Table Mountain Walks is currently rated number 6 on Things to do in Cape Town.  Thanks to some generous clients who kindly took the time to write a review, we have climbed up the ladder from nowhere to the top ten.  Many thanks to those folk who contributed.  If you are interested in having a look check out the Trip Advisor website and look under Cape Town and then under the heading I mentioned.
I actually use this website myself before planning a trip and find it very useful.  I also now and again look at questions on the travel forum and answer those that I can.  I do recommend it for both accommodation, tours and if you have specific questions.
If  you do making booking for a walk up Table Mountain with us and if you do enjoy it and hopefully have no complaints it does help a small operator like myself to have a good rating on this top travel website.  So please if you can spare a moment a few words of review would be most helpful and much appreciated!

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