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Table Mountain Walks – celebrating 15 years!

12th May 2012 – 7:04 pm

Little did I think when I started guided hikes up Table Mountain that I would one day be celebrating 15 years of operation.  I have had the pleasure to accompany thousands of wonderful people up Table Mountain and share in their awe and wonder.  No wonder so many people want my job!
I havent actually counted the number of ascents I have done but reckon its close to two thousand. It  is still  rewarding to see it through someone elses eyes and to feel their sense of accomplishment on reaching the top and experiencing the panorama for the first time.
I have also learned so much from my clients over the years and based many of my own trips on tales I have heard while hiking Table Mountain.  This year in August I head to Colombia to hike the Trail to the Lost City and coincidently just walked with a couple from the U.S. who did this very hike very recently!
All this valuable information I have stored and make note of for future adventures of my own but it is always a good feeling to come home and be appreciative of just how lucky we are here and how awesome Table Mountain is!

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