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Table Mountain – one of the New Sevens Wonders?

24th April 2011 – 5:17 pm

Voting continues and later this year the winners will be announced.  Will Table Mountain be in the top seven?  I really dont know but surely it has to be in with a good chance.  Reading a review on Trip Advisor of their cableway experience the writer comments how little there is to be seen at the top – other than the view of course!  To those who cableway up and take a short stroll on the concrete paths this might seem to be the case.  However nothing could be further from the truth.
The more adventurous will discover the delights of flora and fauna on Table Mountain.  Those really wanting to explore away from the crowds must head for the Back Table before ascending to the front flat plateau.  Here you encounter only a few fellow hikers  and sometimes none at all!  The fynbos is lush and more varied. rock formations abound as well as hidden valleys, crevasses and cracks.
For those looking for a truly memorable hike on Table Mountain  be sure you choose a walk that includes the Back Table – feel free to ask for advice.  Table Mountain is truly a wonder of nature.  However only the more energetic are going to experience the authentic Table Mountain – the vast majority miss out so dont be one of them!

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