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So what is fynbos on Table Mountain?

8th February 2014 – 6:10 pm

Firstly the tricky part about fynbos is that it is pronounced faynbos and not finbos as one might be tempted to say  It refers to the indigenous vegetation found on Table Mountain and is famous for its diversity, colour and resilience to our long dry summers.
Most people want to know the time of year that’s best to see fynbos but the answer is not so simple.  Different plants flower at different times of the year so now is good for our disas (orchids) while King Proteas are better later in the year and some plants actually flower in winter.
Even to the casual observer fynbos is impressive.  You dont have to be botanically minded to appreciate the delicate irises and hardier ericas and proteas.  You will marvel that the plants grow literally on sand and sometimes even appear to grow out of the rocks!
So be sure to take time during your hike to stop and look at the fynbos and you will simply be amazed no matter what month you hike Table Mountain.

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