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Remember when booking ……..

11th August 2009 – 12:11 pm

When booking a walk bear in mind that at any time of year the weather in Cape Town is changeable.  Therefore we recommend that you book your walk on the first or second day of your stay.  It may then be possible to reschedule if the weather is unfavourable on the day of your original booking.  If you book your hike on the last day you wont have another option.  Of course if you have booked other tours it might not be possible to change things around but then again it might particularly if it is a scheduled tour.
Of course the above advice is particularly applicable in winter but even in summer our weather is variable and the wind is more of a factor.  Along with the south east wind, which blows strongly in the summer months, is the Table Cloth – the cloud cover on Table Mountain.  While this might look very spectacular as it blows over the top of the mountain, it might well obstruct your views.
Not many operators are as flexible and accommodating but our pleasure is giving you the most enjoyable experience on Table Mountain.   So book at the beginning and other tours or excursions on other days and with a bit of luck we will get the right day for you.

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