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Plastic waste and our new policy at Table Mountain Walks

22nd September 2017 – 1:27 pm

For the last 21 years we have provided bottled water for all our clients hiking up Table Mountain. Many clients do supply their own water but we always have had additional bottled water on hand for those who don’t and for those who haven’t sufficient particularly for longer hikes.

However with plastic pollution now posing a great threat to our environment both on land and sea we are now asking clients to supply their own water in reusable containers which will mean we will no longer purchase plastic water bottles.

We hope you will appreciate our small effort to reduce the demand for bottled water and our reasons for taking this step. Cape Town supplies potable tap water and although we are experiencing water restrictions it is still more acceptable to use this resource rather than support the bottled water industry which is a major source of pollution.

Thank you for your cooperation and here’s to less plastic contamination in South Africa.

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