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Lots of rain – can I hike Table Mountain?

8th July 2012 – 3:27 pm

The weather is unpredictable in Cape Town during the winter months – so what’s new?  We have had a wet weekend and there is more to come.  So can you hike? Well not on a day like today.  However there are plenty of good days and usually if you are here for 4 or 5 days you will get at least a couple of days when you will be able to walk.
Of course visibility isnt guaranteed on any day and in winter you can actually get the best visibility if you get lucky.  So flexibility is the key – keep at least two days open if you can.
A lot of water running of the mountain makes it more spectacular and that will be the case for the next week or so.  Waterfalls appear where normally there are none and the dams on top of Table Mountain are full and far more attractive than they are at the end of summer.  So certainly there are some advantages to winter hiking.
Good gear is necessary – a decent rain jacket and hiking shoes or boots and at least three other layers plus gloves and a hat.  There is no way of knowing in advance if you will need all of this but you might.
Many people dont realise that the Cape in winter is a very different place than in summer.  Dont be surprised if you feel the chill and experience some rain but you will still have a wonderful time – just dont forget your jacket!

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