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Is it summer or winter!?

16th March 2013 – 8:51 am

Quite a variety of weather we are experiencing.  On Thursday it was 35C and today its in the early 20s, cool and rainy.  This is why it is impossible to let you know exactly what gear you will need for hiking up Table Mountain.  At any time of the year the weather can be so diverse that summer becomes winter from one day to the next and vice versa.
Ideally have some layers and preferably a light rain/showerproof jacket.  There are many days in summer when just a T shirt will suffice but there are also days when due to the wind and combination of cloud cover, you will need warmer gear.
Importantly dont forget a hat, sunglasses, suncream, loose comfortable clothing (not jeans) and of course suitable footwear. Everyone would prefer a totally clear day but bear in mind some days start out totally overcast and with some drizzle but by mid morning all has cleared and it has become a perfect day.  The reverse situation can also happen so clear may also change to cloudy.  However bear in mind it is also about the journey not just the destination and if you see or dont see the views there is still a lot to experience and your time on Table Mountain can still be a day to remember.

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