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How fit do I need to be?

8th February 2016 – 9:32 am

Many people underestimate Table Mountain and what the walk up entails and the terrain. For a fit, active person it normally poses no problem.  All the routes are steep and stepped – and its the steps that some people find difficult especially as they are high and the terrain is uneven.
Some of the routes require  use of hands, Skeleton Gorge and Kasteelspoort and both have ladders.  Platteklip Gorge I regard as the easiest option even though it is a continual steep ascent.
So you need to be used to regular exercise or if you have youth on your side you may be lucky enough to have a natural ability and fitness.  By regular exercise I mean 3-4 times weekly of aerobic exercise that raises the heart rate significantly. Flat walking will not be sufficent.
If this is not you and you’re not a natural then provided you have a couple of months before your arrival in Cape Town you do have time to rectify!   So get out there and get on a step machine or better still find some hills or steps to climb and you’ll be ready to hike one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature – Table Mountain!

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