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Hiking Table Mountain in winter

17th May 2018 – 12:04 pm

Contrary to what one might think hiking Table Mountain in the winter months can be the ideal time.  Of course with the drought we are all wishing for lots of rain to fall this winter but there are still many good – perfect – days when there is lots of sunshine,  its not too hot and streams are running. Waterfalls can appear along the sides of the gorges making for an interesting spectacle and clear blue skies allow for a marked contrast in colour from the grey rock and green fynbos.

However one needs to be prepared for hiking in the winter months and have good jackets and warm layers and some days hat and gloves – hopefully you might not need them!

So dont be put off by our winter season. Come to hike Table Mountain. If possible have an alternative day just in case. The rewards will be well worth it and an adventure you will remember forever!

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