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Hiking in the snow (in Ireland)

15th March 2018 – 6:38 pm

I recently had a very different experience hiking  – not Table Mountain this time but in the Dublin Mountains in the aftermath of the “Beast from the East” and storm Emma.  On this expedition instead of the many rock steps found on all Table Mountain routes it was deep snow that I encountered. Without crampons or snow shoes sinking into some of the deep drifts waist deep made for a very unusual event for me and certainly had its challenges!  Luckily my riding boots served some purpose and at least kept my feet dry but without much grip on the icy parts.

Back now into the the normal conditions on Table Mountain is still with its own challenges, most often the wind but certainly snow is very rare even in the winter months and is something I have only seen a few times on the top. Then its not a covering but rather a few pockets – in other words Table Mountain is never covered in snow. This is a question I often get asked and for sure nothing I can compare with my adventure in the Dublin Mountains where even for locals is very rare and an event not seen since 1982!

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