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Fitness level required for hiking Table Mountain

23rd March 2014 – 7:13 am

As fitness is very subjective this is a difficult question to answer.  Unfortunately age does  play a role so an older sedentary person should not consider taking on the challenge while a young inactive person will often manage.  Genetics play a definite role with some people more athletically inclined and others less fortunate.
As a guideline those who are not active ( do regular exercise) or who dont enjoy exerting themselves should consider doing some training first.  Anyone middle aged  and sedentary would definitely want to get in shape and do regular aerobic exercise to at least a moderate level for a month or more before attempting the hike.
I do get people who have to turn back and many could have continued if they had done some prior training.  We should all be incorporating exercise into our lives so dont suddenly take on a challenge like Table Mountain and expect to enjoy it and succeed if you do nothing.
The routes up Table Mountain are steep and stepped and mostly regarded as strenuous so be prepared and dont think its a walk in the park even if it is!

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