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Check your Table Mountain guide and operator

15th July 2008 – 6:07 pm

Unfortunately it is the case that guides who are not qualified to guide on Table Mountain are doing so.  This is obviously unfair to you as a client as you are paying for the skill and knowledge of someone who has specialised in this area.  It is also not safe as unqualified and unskilled guides will be less familiar with the routes (if they are familiar at all!) and unable to make important decisions in regard to the  weather and making judgments about your ability to tackle the various routes.  Rather choose a company that is not offering all kinds of tours and excursions and you will have a better chance of getting the appropriate person but be sure and ask if you are in any doubt.
Hiking Table Mountain (as hiking does anywhere) carries a certain amount of risk – minimal though it might be – but rather put yourself in the right hands and then you will have a much more enjoyable walk.

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