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Changeable weather on Table Mountain

28th December 2013 – 7:11 am

From the south easter to heat and then to wet conditions you could say that the weather on Table Mountain and to a lesser degree in Cape Town is variable!  On Christmas Eve the day started out with perfect conditions and not a cloud around, then in the space of 30 minutes cloud covered the mountain and wind closed the cableway.  Even the staff said they had never seen such a quick change – and neither had I!
So the reality is that you need to be prepared for sudden changes and always have a warmer layer of clothing and also a rain/shower proof jacket.  This is the case at any time of year and not just winter.
Today after two weeks of sun, sun and more sun Table Mountain is no where to be seen and steady rain would mean a very wet hike and no visibility.  It is therefore advisable to book your hike at the beginning of your stay and have an alternative date if possible.
So please travel to Cape Town with the right gear, layers and a jacket, you might not need them but here you just never know!

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