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Booking a Table Mountain hike – no deposit!

27th June 2008 – 12:01 pm

If you choose to book a hike with us either on Table Mountain or elsewhere on the Cape Peninsula we do not require that you place a deposit.  In other words you only pay after the walk has taken place.  This policy has always been in place – and it works!  We understand that sometimes through no fault of your own travel plans can change and that you might have to cancel you walk.  If this happens then all we ask is that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can open that date for other people.
Obviously when it comes to hiking in the mountains, particularly Table Mountain, the weather plays a major role.  This may mean that the walk has to be canceled and then it saves us the hassle of having to refund your money – so it easier for us too!
In over 11 years nobody has let me down so I am happy to accept all bookings in good faith and trust that if you can’t make it for whatever reason you will let me know.

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