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Back from Vietnam and Laos

9th July 2017 – 11:35 am

I decided to take a break from the Cape winter and headed to South East Asia to meet up with some friends and also to hike Fansipan, the highest  mountain in Indochina.  Having already spent quite a lot of time in this area, the heat and humidity was still  overwhelming at times. After a week in Laos and an overnight boat cruise on the magnificent Halong Bay I caught the bus to Sapa to tackle Fansipan. Its not a difficult hike but conditions weren’t the best with steady rain and it was also very wet and muddy underfoot.  Probably the hike is best done in the dry season! I didnt see much in the way of views but still enjoyed the challenge and the exercise.

Back in Cape Town the winter brings its normal good and bad conditions for hiking Table Mountain.  So if you’re headed this way do try and have an alternative day or two and not just one day to do the hike. Be prepared with the right warm and wet weather gear and have an adventurous spirit which is always required!

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