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Back from Colombia and the Lost City trek

13th September 2012 – 1:59 pm

Time as always as flown and I am now back for two weeks.  A rainy day has given me the opportunity to catch up and have time to write a bit about this hike through the jungle.
It was unfortunately a bit of a nghtmare getting there thanks to SAA and took a total of 56 hours with two overnight stops in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo which were not scheduled.  This meant arriving the day before the hike and with little time to catch up on sleep and adjust to a different climate.
Despite this unfortunate  start the hike itself went well.  Be warned it is very humid  with quite a few mosquitos be fend off.  Have lots of repellent handy.  The ruins are not at all as extensive as Machu Picchu but still have a dramatic setting on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.
The accommodation is adequate – apart from one night in hammocks. If you havent slept in a hammock before like me you might find this quite difficult.   The Kogi settlements on route lend an added interest as well of course the variety of flora and birds.  I do recommend this hike – you should be fit and be able to walk in hot and humid weather and handle steep ascents and descents.
I then spent some time in the ancient city of Cartagena and in Manizales in the coffee growing area of the Andes.  Unfortunately the National Park Los Nevados was closed due to volcanic activity.  I still found lots to do in the area and there is good bird watching for those who are keen.
Colombia is not as developed for tourism as Peru for example so an ability to speak Spanish is pretty much essential although I guess you can compensate with sign language when you get stuck!

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