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Back from Borneo

9th May 2010 – 4:33 pm

How come it always the same –  when you return from holiday it seems like you were away for ages and then after 24 hours it seems like you never went away at all?  I dont know the answer but for me it is always like that.
I was in fact away for two and a half weeks but as so much happened and every day was different it felt like a nice long break.  I would certainly recommend Borneo for anyone who is interested in nature and it is also famous for its beaches and resorts and some of the best scuba diving in the world.
I concentrated mainly on the mountains and nature side rather than anything under the water and I was certainly rewarded with some great experiences and sights.  Mount Kinabalu I found very special and luckily with clear sides I was fortunate to have great views from the top.  The via ferrata I chose to do on the way down is not for the faint hearted.  A good level of agility and a really good head for heights is essential.
The other mountain I tackled was Mount Santubong in Sarawak just outside the city of Kuching.  Again not a simple hike but rather a climb with lots of rope ladders and scrambling   – mix in tropical temperatures and humidity you need to be well motivated to get to the top!
In between these two expeditions I visited a number of national parks and hiked the Headhunters Trail – beware of the leeches!  I also staying in a traditional native longhouse and saw my two favourites – orangutans and probiscus monkeys.
Well now back to Table Mountain which although I might be biased is hard to beat for all it has to offer.  This week the weather is not looking good but we can expect better days, plenty of sunshine and  pleasant temperatures not to be far off.

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