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Away on holiday!

19th July 2016 – 3:36 pm

Winter is the time I usually take my annual leave and escape the Cape winter – even though it really isnt that bad and doesnt compare to winters in northern Europe.  There is no snow!  It has been known for there to be a little snow on the top of Table Mountain but dont pack your crampons – you wont need them!
Pietro, Lynette and some of my other trusted colleagues will be leading and organising hikes while I am away and all are most capable and well experienced. You’ll always be in good hands.  I still answer emails and communicate on a daily basis with Cape Town.
The English weather has taken an African turn and today its 30C! Quite a surprise as the summer has been disappointing here and June was particularly wet.  Please do take your wet weather gear if youre heading to Cape Town over the next few months and also take some warmer clothes. It is unpredictable at this time of year so rather be prepared!

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