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A wet week in Cape Town

7th September 2009 – 6:53 pm

Hopefully if you are coming to Cape Town and want to walk Table Mountain you will be able to schedule for later this week (7th – 13th September).  The next few days we are looking at wet and windy weather although the forecasters have been know on occasion to get it wrong!  September is often a strange month when one expects the weather to improve but if last year was anything to go by I think it was one of the wettest months on record.
Last week there were only three decent hiking days and this week its looking much the same.  So that’s why you need to plan at least five days in the city so as to be sure to get lucky on at least one of those days.  Of course those hardy folk may be inclined to go whatever but Table Mountain in these  conditions is a most inhospitable place.
However do come prepared if you are planning to hike at this time of year, a good preferably rainproof jacket and some warm layers that way chances are you will have a hot sunny day and wonder why you bothered to pack such unnecessary items!

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