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Spring hiking on Table Mountain

21st August 2018 – 10:15 am

As winter is now coming to an end we look forward to the warmer and longer days of springtime but mostly without the heat of summer.  Its an ideal time to hike ! The streams on Table Mountain are running strongly after the winter rains (not yet over) and more flowers are starting to appear.  Its also of whale season so although hiking up Table Mountain isn't the best place for sightings but if you take a trip to Hermanus or to False Bay you may be rewarded with a breaching Southern Right whale. So September and October are great months to visit Cape Town and often provide perfect days to hike up Table Mountain and no doubt this will be the highlight of your visit!

Hiking Table Mountain in winter

17th May 2018 – 12:04 pm

Contrary to what one might think hiking Table Mountain in the winter months can be the ideal time.  Of course with the drought we are all wishing for lots of rain to fall this winter but there are still many good - perfect - days when there is lots of sunshine,  its not too hot and streams are running. Waterfalls can appear along the sides of the gorges making for an interesting spectacle and clear blue skies allow for a marked contrast in colour from the grey rock and green fynbos. However one needs to be prepared for hiking in the winter months and have good jackets and warm layers and some days hat and gloves - hopefully you might not need them! So dont be put off by our winter season. Come to hike Table Mountain. If possible have an alternative day just in case. The rewards will be well worth ...

Hiking in the snow (in Ireland)

15th March 2018 – 6:38 pm

I recently had a very different experience hiking  - not Table Mountain this time but in the Dublin Mountains in the aftermath of the "Beast from the East" and storm Emma.  On this expedition instead of the many rock steps found on all Table Mountain routes it was deep snow that I encountered. Without crampons or snow shoes sinking into some of the deep drifts waist deep made for a very unusual event for me and certainly had its challenges!  Luckily my riding boots served some purpose and at least kept my feet dry but without much grip on the icy parts. Back now into the the normal conditions on Table Mountain is still with its own challenges, most often the wind but certainly snow is very rare even in the winter months and is something I have only seen a few times on the top. Then its not a covering ...

The need to start early!

12th December 2017 – 1:09 pm

Now we are in the full swing of summer it is imperative to start hiking up Table Mountain early - by early I mean 6.00a.m. or before. It is  light at 5.00a.m.  It is possible to depart at this time and as a reward depending on your route you may see the sunrise over the Hottentots Holland Mountains. Many people express the desire to start much later but sorry we cant accommodate you.  Hiking in the heat and full sun at this time of year is not wise and later in day you may encounter 1 to 2 hour queues to come down in the cableway. Not fun! So please dont ask to depart later as you want to enjoy breakfast first - if you start early enough you can still have breakfast when you get back!

Plastic waste and our new policy at Table Mountain Walks

22nd September 2017 – 1:27 pm

For the last 21 years we have provided bottled water for all our clients hiking up Table Mountain. Many clients do supply their own water but we always have had additional bottled water on hand for those who don't and for those who haven't sufficient particularly for longer hikes. However with plastic pollution now posing a great threat to our environment both on land and sea we are now asking clients to supply their own water in reusable containers which will mean we will no longer purchase plastic water bottles. We hope you will appreciate our small effort to reduce the demand for bottled water and our reasons for taking this step. Cape Town supplies potable tap water and although we are experiencing water restrictions it is still more acceptable to use this resource rather than support the bottled water industry which is a major source of pollution. Thank you for your cooperation ...

Back from Vietnam and Laos

9th July 2017 – 11:35 am

I decided to take a break from the Cape winter and headed to South East Asia to meet up with some friends and also to hike Fansipan, the highest  mountain in Indochina.  Having already spent quite a lot of time in this area, the heat and humidity was still  overwhelming at times. After a week in Laos and an overnight boat cruise on the magnificent Halong Bay I caught the bus to Sapa to tackle Fansipan. Its not a difficult hike but conditions weren't the best with steady rain and it was also very wet and muddy underfoot.  Probably the hike is best done in the dry season! I didnt see much in the way of views but still enjoyed the challenge and the exercise. Back in Cape Town the winter brings its normal good and bad conditions for hiking Table Mountain.  So if you're headed this way do try and ...

Hiking in winter – or is it summer!?

5th May 2017 – 10:14 am

April must have been one of the warmest on record in Cape Town with temperatures around 30C on many days. The trend seems to be continuing in May with temperatures still well above average. So not matter what time of the year you're planning to be here to hike Table Mountain expect the unexpected! All Capetonians are hoping for rain as our dams are well below what they should be and we have strict water restrictions but as yet no rationing.  However please be considerate during your stay and use water sparingly. May is looking like a good month to hike Table Mountain, less wind and not too hot. It is always a good idea to be flexible if you can and have a additional day you can swap to if necessary. Have some warmer layers with you and a jacket - as with all mountains you never know how conditions will ...

We are 21 years old!

21st January 2017 – 10:35 am

This month we celebrate 21 years of operating guided hikes on Table Mountain. Little did I think in 1997 that my initial thoughts of starting this business would grow into my full time profession for 21 years - and still going strong.! I am lucky to have some great guides who also lead hikes on my behalf and I must mention Pietro in particular and in recent times Lynette has done an excellent job and provided invaluable assistance. I reckon I have led over 2 thousand ascents, a rough guess as I have never been one for keeping count or records. Of course the routes are very familiar to me but I am lucky to see it through other people's eyes for the first time and their amazement of the beauty and variety of all they experience is a great reward for me. I thank all who have supported me over the ...

Hiking Table Mountain – when it’s hot!

11th December 2016 – 8:53 am

December, January and February are the hottest months in the Cape and some overseas visitors don't realise that an early start is essential for a safe and easier hike to the top of Table Mountain.  I see visitors starting at 10.30a.m. and even 12.00p.m. at the hottest time of the day and in the full sun. This is foolish and every year people are rescued and suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion as a result. So please when I say you'll be picked up at 6.00a.m this is necessary for your own safety so don't suggest 8.30a.m. as the time you would prefer! I don't accept bookings at these times during the summer months. We do get temperatures of well over 30C on some days and hiking up Table Mountain is a strenuous exercise. It would be foolish to make it more difficult if not dangerous for yourself and take up ...

Back soon to Table Mountain

10th September 2016 – 3:56 pm

Its been a long stay away for me in Europe, luckily escaping the Cape Town winter - however compared to a northern European summer its definitely a lot more sunnier there!  I look forward to seeing Table Mountain again and of course ascending on a regular basis. I was fortunate to have walked part of the Portuguese section of the famous ‘camino’ and experienced some of the lovely scenery in this country and see lots of the sights. We walked from just north of Porto to just past the Spanish border and then headed south to walk a day on the camino to Fatima located just north of Lisbon. Lots of people going north bound to Santiago de Compestella and no one one on the route bound for Fatima. I guess the original is a lot more famous and of historic significance to many people. The walking is not difficult however choosing ...